Children of the World Montessori School
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What is the Montessori method?

We focus on the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the child’s development. The teacher observes a child carefully, in order to assess what his or her individual needs might be.


There is a prepared, orderly and appealing environment. The children select appropriate activities for themselves which develops their independence, confidence and self-discipline. This freedom of choice, enables them to learn quickly through self-motivation.

The Montessori Curriculum

The materials used within the curriculum are of a practical nature. The following gives a brief synopsis of each area of learning.


Exercises of practical life

These exercises relate to the child’s every day life, such as pouring, buttoning, cutting and setting the table.


These exercises help to develop each child’s senses — what they hear, see, touch, smell and taste.


Language and literacy

This is divided into listening, talking, reading and writing. The child learns the alphabet names phonetically using sandpaper letters. Following on from this and other excercises, children soon learn to read and write.

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